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New Customers

New Customers

Come see why millions of people worldwide have incorporated yoga in to their health, fitness & wellness routine. With our all-levels classes you are sure to find a class that makes you feel better both physically and mentally. You will feel comfortable and welcome at our studio. Join us. Leave class feeling better in every way.  

For your first class please arrive 15 minutes early.  We are located behind TREK (formerly Bikeline) on the south side of Rt. 202.  If you need directions please call in advance.  Do not arrive "exactly" as class is starting, or late, for your first class.  Thank you for your consideration.  
1 Month Unlimited*
Expires 1 Month from first class.
Available to local residents only.
$49 per month
Which class should I start with?
Total beginners walk in to our classes every day.   If you are active, healthy and are looking to improve your fitness level come to one of our many  "Vinyasa" classes.   Vinyasa (aka power yoga in a heated room) is a complete fitness system.  In this 1 hour you will strengthen, stretch, sweat, cleanse and feel fantastic afterwards. Vinyasa is the recommended starting point for people looking to improve fitness, including athletes looking to improve sport performance and reduce risk of injury.  (Note: during these hot summer days we have the doors wide open for fresh-air yoga.)

If you prefer  a slower paced, gentle class step right in to our "PM Yoga" or "AM Yoga" classes.  These classes will help you to gently strengthen, tone and release tension from the body and mind.  These classes are wonderful for anyone who has the desire to move more slowly and be reminded to breathe more deeply.  (Note:  these classes are not sweaty or hot.)

We also offer bootcamps, core classes (yoga & pilates), special events and more! 
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"I love practicing yoga at Yoga U. Everything is there - a harmonious space, quality teachers and a joyful atmosphere." - Meri S.
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